They will talk about you.
They will talk about you well.

We are one of the longest established public relations agencies in Poland. The company was founded in 1989 and we have been working with global brands for over 30 years. We translate our extensive experience and broad competence into a comprehensive approach to client needs. Our goal is always effective and natural communication.

We are a group of public relations experts. We help our clients establish and maintain relationships with the groups that are most important to them – from the media, to business partners, to their own employees. We believe that communication based on close cooperation with multiple departments of the client is the most effective and best conducive to achieving business goals.

At the first stage of the company’s existence, we specialized in activities for clients in the IT industry. In 2005, after Jolanta Horodeńska passed away and Michał Horodeński took over the presidency, ComplexPR’s new specialty became the automotive industry.

What we do


Public Relations
  • We create strategies for communication activities
  • We select appropriate tools for their implementation
  • We prepare situation analyses and recommend corrective actions
  • We solve crisis situations
  • We create engaging and substantive content
  • We prepare publications for traditional and digital media
  • We create SEO-friendly content
  • We manage websites
Social media
  • We develop social media strategies and action plans
  • We create content
  • We manage profiles
  • We drive the growth of fan communities
  • We produce video and TV content
  • We provide comprehensive support for video events
  • We provide full graphic service of realized projects
  • We provide printing in any format regardless of circulation
  • We organize static and dynamic presentations of new products
  • We organize sports, recreational and integration events



ComplexPR is a team of specialists with experience beyond the field of public relations. We have a flexible approach to the projects we carry out, and our iron rule is the highest quality of service.

Monika Kryńska

of the Management Board

Michał Horodeński

of the Management Board

Monika Nimszke

PR Manager

Magda Ostaszewska

PR Manager

Michał Owczarek

PR Manager

Kacper Nowogrodzki

PR and social media Manager

Tomasz Brzeziński

PR and event Manager


Toyota Central Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary)

Lexus Central Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary)

KRK Legal


We have also worked for:

Dell • Novell • Intel • Comp • AXS One • Prokom Investments • Polnord • Bioton • Petrolinvest • Nortel • CompFort Meridian • Siltec • T-Systems • SMC • Bentley Systems • 2SI • MaxData • Altkom • Empolis • Intergraph • Urząd Dzielnicy Targówek Warszawy • Szkoła Alpinizmu „W pionie” • Webasto • Polski Związek Motorowy • Motul Polska

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